Encouraging the Wrong State of Mind for Creating Good Code

Your company is doing it and you are enabling it

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On Boredom

The benefits of boredom for creativity are probably obvious for most of you. If you have nothing to do for extended periods of time other than reading or procrastinating, ideas will start flowing through your mind.

On Stress

One more controversial claim I will make is that stress is also a great helper in regards to creativity.

A State of Perpetual Busyness

The problem that most developer and most companies have is that they prefer and encourage a state of “busyness”. That is to say, nothing is on fire, but there are always a few things to do.

How I Trigger Mental Hormesis

The way I try to introduce these states of boredom and stress in my work life is by getting rid of huge swaths of work in as little time as possible. Pull hard for 2 days, relax (and get bored) for the other 3.

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