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  • Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman

    Principal Data/ML Scientist @ The Cambridge Group | Harvard trained Statistician and Machine Learning Scientist | Expert in Statistical ML & Causal Inference

  • Less Wright

    Less Wright

    PyTorch, Deep Learning, Object detection, Stock Index investing and long term compounding.

  • Jorge Torres

    Jorge Torres

    Jorge Torres is CEO@MindsDB, an easy to use tool to add machine learning capabilities to your database and solve data challenges.

  • Synced


    AI Technology & Industry Review — | Newsletter: | Share My Research | Twitter: @Synced_Global

  • E. Kevin Hall

    E. Kevin Hall

    E. Kevin Hall is Director of the Pediatric Heart Failure Program at Yale. He is the programmer and PI behind one of the first ResearchKit studies.

  • American Affairs

    American Affairs

    a quarterly journal of political thought and policy

  • Adam Carrigan

    Adam Carrigan

    Co-Founder at MindsDB, YCombinator & UC Berkeley SkyDeck Alum, former management consultant at Deloitte, University of Cambridge grad!

  • mgh


  • Ivan Galanin

    Ivan Galanin

    Co-founder, Adipeau, “It’s not aging. It’s fat fitness.” Co-founder, CuraPersona, “Leverage your wellness data for your own and the public good. “

  • Barry Revzin

    Barry Revzin

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