Links post — April

As always, consider reading my article on my blog instead.

I’ve once again missed one of my imaginary Wednesday publication deadlines; I can’t bring myself to finish any article. I’m unsure why, for now, I blame being in the US. I hope the thrill of being on a plane heading to civilization next Wednesday will result in something being finished.

For now though, here’s a point with the most interesting links lying in my archives from the last 2 months or so.

  1. A guy named McManus (Latin for hand) writes a history/review of the field of handedness research. I didn’t know hand-preference had its own scientific journal and conferences, but I guess everything does.
  2. Ben Khun’s spin on why and how the shape of tails matters (a lot) and some good real-life examples.
  3. Argmin on why using the idea of distributions to think about model-generalization is usually bad.
  4. A good tl;dr on cold emailing I hadn’t stumbled upon before.
  5. An article claiming most people would disagree with Popper if they had actually read him cites the ideas that drew me most to Popper; In making that claim it has made me feel more alone and hopeless in the advancement of science.
  6. Every single lifespan person must find a hobby horse that doesn’t improve lifespan and ride it because “the evidence is too good, the implications are obvious”. For what it’s worth I really like Nintil’s horse.
  7. Qualia computing writes about meditation techniques.
  8. Technique for fast deep learning on CPUs (a followup to the original hit)
  9. Open-AI is boring in many ways but the one thing they’ve got going for them is an amazing infrastructure team, happily enough that team writes blogs explaining what they do!
  10. Argmin has a critique of p-values… Who doesn’t? But his is really good! Bonus related~ish argmin article.
  11. Why do you hate corporations so much? Why, of course, because they are low-class and low-status.
  12. Musing on COVID risk that might convince the very cautious to change their minds.
  13. Rohit against (but not really) illegible grantmaking.
  14. Links post — AprilThe Hyperoxic-Hypoxic Paradox.



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